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Simplify and accelerate your development.

Redux gives you a head-start on your product development: build on top of Redux for Options, Metaboxes, Customizer, Dynamic CSS, Custom Fonts, and more.

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Blazing fast iteration – Ship faster with Redux.

Makers use Redux to build products quickly – all while using every WordPress interface you could ever need in a single API.

The Redux API removes the complexity of working in the various interfaces of WordPress. If you want to use a new interface, simply declare it, and Redux takes care of the rest.

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“Redux is a huge time saver for any web developer. In my opinion, it should be a standard tool for admin WordPress developers… Instead of spending four days on creating admin options, it now takes me four hours.”

Aedan O’Brien

With 49 different field types, you’re in control.

Round pegs don’t fit in square holes, and neither should your product. You decide how your clients interact with your creation without limits.

Every input type has been handcrafted and bulletproofed through millions of users. If you have an input field that expects a number, a user cannot input a character.

Only you know what your product needs.

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Implement without losing sleep.

Building a product is hard enough, you shouldn’t be focusing on customization too. Let Redux do all the heavy lifting for you.

Dynamic CSS
CSS is key to any product, and Redux has what you need to get the job done. From our dynamic CSS output to our CSS variables, you have what you need.

Sometimes you need to do something fancier. With our compiler argument, you can perform an action every time certain fields are updated instead of at every save.

Redux was the first to implement the most advanced typography interface with Google Fonts. With Custom Fonts, your users can now upload any web font and enjoy seamless integration.

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Peace of mind with built-in and complete modern coding standards.

Confidence in a product is knowing it will perform as you expect – and knowing it will do so securely. Redux will never compromise your website security. Every line of code is vetted against the WordPress coding standards. Redux is enterprise-grade so that you can build with confidence.

  • Proper sterilization throughout
  • Safe validation throughout
  • Escaping at every output
  • Modern coding standards
  • PHPCS compliant to all WordPress standards

Keep your fonts up to date

Add ANY web font to your website and integrate it everywhere. Plus, Google Fonts updates their fonts every ~4 days! If you don’t stay up to date, your site’s fonts could stop working! Don’t worry; Redux has you covered. We’ll keep your fonts always updated.

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Advanced Customizer

Get full customizer support with Redux Pro! See every change that happens when you change settings, all before saving. You’ll get a live preview without first making sure you’re happy with the change.

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100% open source.

We believe in giving back to the community… and so do our users! Redux is proud to be 100% Open Source!

Redux wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are without the support and contributions provided by our outstanding community!

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Feature 1

Scale with unlimited filtering

Agencies can build multiple plugins that all interact with one another. With the hooks inside Redux you can alter, add, or even override full fields with a simple command.

Feature 2

Build bridges between APIs

Redux works hard, so agencies don’t have to! Metaboxes values override option values when using the same identifier. Customizer values and settings API values can be linked. All from a singular API.

Feature 3

Find data across WordPress

With simplistic helper functions, it is easy to fetch data for use in an agency’s other products. You can even use WordPress queries to fetch and add data to any supported field through the data argument.

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Beautiful and responsive support. Let alone a beautiful plugin that has saved us thousands of hours in development. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Andromeda Themes

Andromeda Themes


It’s worthy of every premium theme and plugin out there, and those are not just empty words. So much time saved.

SVL Studios

SVL Studios


I believe the Redux team had really did their homework and studied and created best framework solution for those who like simplicity.

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