Like many other products in the WordPress space began with a desire to make the world a better place. Our founders sought to build a toolset to enable others to succeed in WordPress. Despite a focus on developers, the end-user was always the center of our focus. If we could build so that the user could have the best experience possible, we could enable help developers and users could work in harmony. The framework has grown since it’s original conception to what it is today, powering millions of sites worldwide. Some of the most powerful products in the WordPress space are built upon the foundation of Redux.

With the changes that are happening in WordPress, from a world of meta and text to a world of blocks, Redux has shifted its focus to enabling the end user even more. Blocks are the future of WordPress, and Redux is working towards that end. Redux is so much more than a framework. Within it is an extensive Gutenberg block library service that enables users, freelancers, and agencies to transform any website (using any theme) at the click of a button.

We hope that Redux can help you to build better websites and products so that you, too, can help to make the world a better place!

Our Contributors

Historic Timeline

Redux Created

Redux is alive

The NHP framework is forked to create Redux Framework.

Redux 3.0 Released

SMOF and NHP united

Small Options Framework, NHP, and Redux 2 are merged into a single codebase known as Redux 3.0.

Redux 4 Started

Version 4 Development Begins

The concept for Redux 4 begins which will cause a complete rewrite of the codebase.


Customizer Support

Redux is one of the first option frameworks to bring options panels into the customizer in a big way.

Rewrite RC1

Redux 4 Rewrite in Beta

Redux 4 core has been rewritten and is mostly functional. Now on to backward compatibility testing.


Redux Templates

We began work on Redux Templates, our ever-growing template library.

Redux 4.0

Redux 4 is live

The completely rewritten code base complete with Redux Templates is released to the world.

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