Redux/Simple Options Merger

We’re proud to announce that Redux Framework has merged with the only other NHP fork we’ve found that’s worthwhile, Simple Options Framework!


I’m the first to admit, I’m not the best UI designer in the world… I’m more of a backend/plugin developer. My counterpart from Simple Options Framework is the perfect supplement to my weaknesses, preferring to focus on the user experience over the actual codebase. However, he’s got some really great enhancements he’s added to the old NHP framework! As such, after a lengthy discussion, we’ve decided to combine our talents to bring you an even better, more powerful options framework!


So what does this mean for you…


For the moment, nothing other than the Redux core development team has doubled. With the upcoming release of Redux Framework v3.0, we’re pulling out all the stops! We’re migrating to an organizational repo, rewriting the Redux documentation from the ground up, adding a slew of new features, cleaning up the codebase, and bringing you the most revolutionary darned framework since, well… the first release of NHP!


Stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of Redux!

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