Announcing the New Redux Framework!

What is Redux?

Redux is designed to be not just another options framework, but the definitive options framework. What started out nearly a year ago as a simple fork of another well-known framework has grown into a significantly cleaner, more robust platform… and the community has grown with it.

For those who are just joining us, Redux was originally based on the No-Half-Pixels (or NHP) Theme Options Framework. Although a well-known and liked platform, NHP had been abandoned and was starting to show its age. Two projects grew from the ashes of NHP, Simple Options (by @Dovy), and Redux (by @ghost1227). Simple Options provided its users with an enhanced UI and better overall experience, while Redux opted to focus on stability and reliability. Then, the developers behind these two platforms met, and an idea was born… why not merge the two? Take the overall feel of Simple Options, and bring it to the now well established Redux, providing our combined userbase with the best possible framework?

The rest, as they say, is history…

Meet the Team

Ghost1227 (founder, Redux Framework)

Greetings, and thank you for giving me a moment to introduce myself! I’m @ghost1227, a long-time WordPress developer and the founder of Redux Framework. Some of you may also know me for my work with Easy Digital Downloads. I originally forked NHP in November of 2012 due to a lack of support from its dev and ongoing issues with the framework overall. Since then, as a community we’ve grown significantly and I’m pleased to announce that our active and helpful community is the reason we’re here today!

Even beyond Redux and EDD, I’ve been working with WordPress almost as long as it’s been around. I’ve got several plugins available in the WordPress repo, as well as works on CodeCanyon, GitHub, and various other sources as well as several platforms developed for private clients. I guess you could say that WordPress development is kind of my passion!

Got questions, comments or thoughts for me? Feel free to hit me up through the Redux website, or my personal site at!

Dovy (founder, Simple Options Framework/UI/UX)

Hello everyone! I’m @dovy (yes, Dovy is my real name) and I have been interested in the Internet since 1992. I started developing websites since 1999, and I can honestly say my forte is user experience. Eye-candy is my friend and I’m not afraid to exceed expectations. I have been developing with WordPress since 1.2. It is the best CMS available. I am a CTO and enjoy working on all pieces of a product stack.

Earlier this year I started developing premium themes for ThemeForest. Just as I was about to submit my first theme, the updated marketplace requirements came out. I searched high and low, but no framework was complaint. So like any developer who can’t find the framework they need, I made one. I am so glad @ghost1227 pinged me to chat. What we have as a merged product is far more than what we would have had alone.

If you need help or have ideas for Redux or want to improve anything related to user experience add a @dovy tag to any Github post.

I truly believe that Redux 3.0 will become the de facto framework for WordPress developers.

What’s New with Redux v3.0.0?

  • OOP: Completely rewritten based on Object Orientated Programing methologies.
  • Multi-site: Supports WordPress Multi-site out of the box!
  • Reduced database activity: NHP required over 500 calls per page load, we’ve reduced it to 1–5 calls (bare minimum configuration, a theme of 80 fields averages 30)!
  • Extendable: Better hooks to allow extending or overriding core fields.
  • NEW DATABASE SAVING METHODS: Save your values as a transient or two variations of get_theme_mod, it’s all up to you.
  • More fields: We’ve taken the best from NHP, SMOF, Redux, and Simple Options and integrated them into one awesome package!
  • FAST! We’ve included LESS, Minimized CSS and Minimized Javascript to speed up your product!
  • Iconfont support: You’ve heard of Font Awesome, well we’ve done one better by integrating Elusive Icon support in the framework!
  • Default values: The new default_show argument allows you to display default values for fields which have been modified, and the default_mark argument allows tagging of fields which are set to their default value.
  • Inline saving: If a field has never been defined before, it’s created and saved to the database, preventing the need to do a “reset to defaults”. NHP and SMOF users have been asking for this for ages!
  • Field folding: Our new advanced folding system allows you to nest ANYTHING! And not just a simple one-to-one nesting, this system supports full recursion!
  • Localized: Redux is 100% translatable out of the box. Got a translation built? Send it to us for official inclusion! We need community assistance here!
  • Select2: We’ve integrated Select2 for all select fields!
  • Webfonts: Our improved Google Webfonts integrations just works!
  • DOCS: All of the frameworks involved in this project were lacking in one major department… documentation. The Redux team is fixing this with 100% code documentation. You want it? You got it!

So, hold on to your seats boys and girls… You’re going to love what we have coming!

Don’t Take our Word for it!

Give the demo a try at!

Upcoming Release!

Redux v3.0.0 will be available Monday of next week. We just want to finish the last few bugs before we get it into your hands. We’re super excited and we hope you are too!

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Dovy Lead dev of Redux and all-around WP sensei.

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