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Statistics are a big deal to me. I like to know my progress and where I am in the grand scope of things. Recently I took to a small adventure. I wanted to know how Redux Framework compared to some of the bigger framework names out there. Since I didn’t have access to their Google Analytics account, I had to compare apples to oranges based on what the GitHub API would expose to me. This post documents my findings. Now, I know this is not the entire picture, but I think it rings true as far as our exposure. My stats are obviously skewed by GitHub usage. 😉

So what does that mean for us? Well, it means we have roughly 34% of users who have interactive with any of the aforementioned option frameworks, are looking at Redux. What’s even more impressive is we started Redux 3.0 on September 3, 2013 ! New repo, new stats. In just under 5 months 40% of the market share has at least become aware of Redux . That is amazing! We couldn’t do it without you. I imagine that number to grow as metaboxes land and our page builder becomes release worthy.

Thank you all for your support. Keep an eye out for updates in 2014… it’s going to be a big year for us and our community!

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Dovy Lead dev of Redux and all-around WP sensei.
  1. francisco mastromarino

    hello, i’ve just purchase your premium plugin “Redux Metabox”

    i follow the “instructions” but i can get it work

    also i cant access the documentation, forum, or any contact form

    please make a refund to my paypal account

    best regards

  2. Dovy

    @Francisco, please Skype me: dovydigital

    I just updated the documentation. Sorry, you were one of the first to purchase it. The documentation is now live here:

    Please let me help you and if you’re not happy after that, I’ll gladly give you a refund. 😉


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