February Webinar: In Review

Those of us at Team Redux would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our users for making this last webinar an unprecedented success! As we began the process of writing out the basic structure for the webinar, we had no idea what we were in for. We didn’t know how many people would show up or even if our users wanted to hear what we had to say. Thankfully, not only did a shocking number of people show up, but the webinar lasted an incredible two full hours!


Beyond the knowledge we hoped to impart to our users, we learned a very important lesson through the webinar as well. We learned that our users want to communicate with us, above and beyond the communication made possible by our Github issue tracker. As such, we have made a decision. Going forward, we will be holding a monthly webinar to give you a view into our world, and us a view into yours! Beyond that, we will be making steps towards a more active blog, and we’ve got a few other surprises in store for you as well!


Not everyone managed to make it to the webinar… but that’s alright, we still love you! Want to see what you’ve missed? Great! We’d love to show you! As such, we’ve made the entire webinar available on YouTube! Want a copy of the presentation itself? That’s available too!


NOTE: Originally, we had intended this post to include a complete list of the questions asked during the webinar Q&A session. However, given the sheer length of the list, I have decided to split it into its own page which will be kept updated with each new webinar. The list will be posted shortly.

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    It Was GREAT!


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