Reduce Your Panel Load Time by 80%

Okay, so it’s only been a few days since our last release, and already we have another. We couldn’t wait, because, this is big! We’ve shaved off the panel load time by up to 80%.

Yeah, you read that correctly. 80 PERCENT!

This means – for example – a large option panel of a popular theme that used to take 6.8 seconds to load has been reduced to 1.47 seconds. We reduced load time for this theme’s option panel by 5.33 seconds  alone!

We realized speed was an issue and we went through every field in a concerted effort to determine which ones slowed the panel down the most, we found out that:

  • It wasn’t in the PHP, we optimized all of that with the last release.
  • The WordPress color picker in and of itself slows a panel down by up to 2 seconds!
  • The Editor, Ace Editor, and Slider fields slowed the panel down by .8 – 1.2 seconds each.

So how did we fix it? By initializing fields on “demand”.

The problem centered around too much JavaScript begin run on load. Now, with these latest improvements – the only time a field’s javascript loads is when it’s visible. Put another way, what you see on screen is all that’s affecting the DOM resources. Redux is literally now among – if not – one of the fastest frameworks out there.

Give it a try. You need only upgrade to see a noticeable difference. Everyone who has tried it, everyone, has noticed a difference.

If you like what you see, please do donate. These improvements required a substantial amount of effort, with no pay or compensation. A recurring (monthly) subscription of only $10 is all it takes for us to keep these improvements coming. Help support the thousands of developer hours that have gone into Redux. You help us, and we’ll keep making your project development that much easier.

About The Author
Dovy Lead dev of Redux and all-around WP sensei.
  1. teamcrisis

    Thanks for all the great work guys. Keep it up! Just donated!

  2. Wajid Afaneh

    Thanks for the great effort guys!


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