Sometimes Standards Don’t Always Work – Redux 3.3.4 Release

When we released Redux 3.3.0 on June 8th, 2014, we decided to follow a standard as per the suggestion of Otto.

He wrote, “If you need to write files to be included in the page, like stylesheets, then you should make your own folder under /wp-content, not under /wp-content/uploads. The uploads directory should be used strictly for media files and downloads and other things uploaded through the various wp_upload functions.”

Believing his advice to be sound, we followed his suggestion. It caused more misery to devs than not. The lingering issue is simple, too many users install WordPress incorrectly. Often the ONLY directory that is writable is /uploads/. Combined that with the file owner of WordPress and the theme/plugin directories often being different, and the 3.3.0 changes have been a disaster in the making.

As the Redux 3.3.0 code base spread out to our devs, and consequently their users, we received TONS of issues. We’ve worked to resolve each of them, but the fact remains that Otto’s advice is flawed, and users don’t know how to fix the problems is causes.

We implemented this great new filesystem code believing it was the correct way to handle local storage, but it will never be used again. We’re writing to our proprietary directory the uploads directory from here on out.

If anyone wishes to contribute code that works with Otto’s model, that actually works we would consider switching back. But for now, we choose function over opinion. 😛

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Dovy Lead dev of Redux and all-around WP sensei.
  1. Mohammed

    how can i use or download this framework ?

    1. Marlon Amancio

      The best starts is through Redux Builder

      This tool will generate for you a fully-functional zip file according to your specifications. Customize anything and start building with Redux today!

  2. WPExplorer

    Just because it’s the “standard” it doesn’t always mean its the best way to do it or much less that it will work.

  3. Chris Howard

    “…too many users install WordPress incorrectly.”

    From support experience over the last 4 years, I find hosts to be the biggest cause of this, with excessively strict security or just plain don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to WP.

    I bugs me no end having to use the uploads folder, coz it’s semantically incorrect.

    I’m hoping one day WordPress add another folder specifically for plugin extras that then hosts know to give access to.


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