Date / Time Picker

Billed yearly until cancelled

You may include this extension in one premium (not free) WordPress theme or plugin.  The license is good for an unlimited number of sites.


Pricing includes one year of support and updates. You may cancel at any time. To continue to qualify for updates, support, and continuing support of the Redux project, we ask that you please keep your subscription active.  Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information.

The Redux Date-Time Picker (DTP) extension is a new way to select dates and times for use in text fields.  The DTP contains several modes based on how you’d like to display time and date data.   Features include:


  • All date-time info in one text box.
  • Split the time into its own text box.
  • Date and time formatting.
  • Date ranges.
  • Time ranges.


The Date-time picker extension comes with a fully documented page explaining the set up and use of the extension, including an example to help get you started.