Gutenberg Template Library Upgrade

We’re excited to share that we’ve upgraded the Gutenberg Template Library in Redux in version 4.3.

Over the past year, thousands of people have used the Template Library to easily build their sites using one-click Gutenberg templates and patterns. However, we’ve heard feedback from many of you on how we can improve the experience.

What’s staying the same?

  • Users still have access to 1,000+ templates and patterns.
  • All Redux Pro users will be able to use their existing license key to continue to get unlimited access to the template library.
  • All free users will have the ability to import up to 3 templates or patterns. For those who had already imported templates in the legacy library, your counter has now been reset and you are able to import up to 3 additional templates in the updated library.
  • Any templates or patterns that you previously imported will continue to work as they always have.

What’s changing?

  • Templates no longer rely on 3rd party block libraries. For most templates, no additional plugins need to be added!
  • Templates have a consistent style. You can pick your style and mix and match templates and patterns that work well together.
  • Extendify is the team behind Redux and we are using the Extendify name for the library.

What’s coming up?

  • Every week we’re adding more templates to the library!
  • We will be adding more styling options!
  • We are working to improve the library experience and speed.

How to access the library

In order to check out the new library, just look for the ‘Library’ button in your editor. You can import 3 patterns or templates free of charge.

Special offer

For a limited time, if you’d like to upgrade to enable full access to the library, you can upgrade with 50% off of an Extendify Pro subscription. Upgrade today!


Will the templates I imported previously still work on my site?

Yes, all templates or patterns previously imported will still be on your site and will not change.

I have a Redux Pro subscription, can I still access the new library?

Yes, you can continue to use your existing license key to get unlimited access to the template library

Can I still access the old template library?

Yes, during the transition period, you can still access the legacy library. For instructions, see this article.

Can I disable the Extendify library?

Yes, you can control access to the new library. You can disable the library from the Settings>Redux>Templates page. Or you can see this article for additional options to disable the library.

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